Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Project finished

Our project is done and these are the photos.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Flight information

Hello friends and family of the Pingry School Costa Rica program!

Our instructor has informed us that the students and faculty are at the airport and are scheduled for an on time departure from San Jose to Newark.  I have included the flight information below:

United Flight 1081

Status: On Schedule
City: San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO)
Gate: 7
Check-in Terminal: 
Scheduled Time: 11:40 a.m.
Scheduled Date: Thu., Jun. 19, 2014
Estimated Time: 11:40 a.m.Estimated Date: Thu., Jun. 19, 2014
City: New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty)
Gate: C137
Terminal: Terminal C, Concourse C3
Scheduled Time: 6:55 p.m.
Scheduled Date: Thu., Jun. 19, 2014
Estimated Time: 6:35 p.m.Estimated Date: Thu., Jun. 19, 2014

Please feel free to call our office with any questions or concerns (303)679-3412.  

Maria Selde
Program Coordinator

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Final day in Costa Rica

I speak for everyone when I say that Zip lining was one of the most fun activities that we did. It started out as a walk through the jungle where we saw sloths and other wildlife. We learned a lot about the history of this part of Costa Rica- Baru. The second part of the tour consisted of 8 separate cables of different lengths with platforms on both sides. We were high up in the canopy of the forest. For the first 7 cables, we faced forward, but for the last one, we went backwards. On our way back down, we saw lots of soldier ants, and unique trees including the tree that grows coco beans. (Chocolate tree! ;)) Overall, the hike up, zip lining, and the hike down made for a very enjoyable and memorable experience. 

Once we finished our zip lining experience, we went to the beach to surf. We learned about rip currents and how to avoid them. We also learned the basics to surfing. After about 30 minutes, we finally went into the water to try out our new skills. Some of us picked it up early and were able to surf easily while standing on the surf boards while others needed more practice. Eventually we all we able to surf properly,

In the afternoon, we all went tubing on the Baru River. We all had a lot of fun, despite some crashes and flipping. Some parts of the river were very shallow, to the point where it was necessary to walk with our tubes, while other parts were deeper. In some places there were rapids, making for an extra fun experience. All in all, we had a great time tubing. 

This is our last post as we are heading home to the US tomorrow. See you soon!

Getting ready for our final dinner!!

Everyone is back in Hacienda Baru and getting ready to meet Jack, the founder of  this reserve, and then dinner!!

At the river!!! Fun fun day!!

Surf is UP

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

At the beach already!! Yay!

Jumping and Farewell!!!


Last few moments and Project

At the local school and playing with the kiddos!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 7 from Costa Rica

Today was our last full day of work at the school. We finished digging every hole and continued to cement poles into the ground. Everyone was working on different things: painting over the welding on the fence, mixing cement, filling holes with cement, collecting rocks, and digging holes. Today was our most productive day of work. After we finished the morning work, we went to our host families' homes to have lunch and play games. At my house, we had rice, potatoes, beef, onions, and watermelon for dessert. This was our last time seeing our host families, so many people took pictures with their families. Although communicating with families was a struggle, everyone was still able to have fun! 

After lunch, we were handcrafting masterpieces at an artisan's house. The masterpieces were pieces of clay which were painted over by acrylic paint. We were to paint Costa Rican houses and trees and a well surrounding the house. We used ground coffee beans and egg shells. Overall it was very fun and everyone had a great time! 

Handcrafting our own souvenirs!

The extra mile

Isabel and Giancarlo working hard and going the extra mile! Nicely done!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Brain challenge

Day 6 in Costa Rica Sunday Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! Today, two students went to church. In church, the music and prayers were a lot different than in New Jersey. The communion tasted different, everything was in Spanish, and everyone knew each other. I know everyone knows each other in our churches and temples, but this was a massive church, and nearly every seat was taken. I also thought it was pretty cool that the priest recognized everyone's birthdays, and the recently deceased. Church in Costa Rica was a really fun and different experience.

After church, everyone went to their home-stay families. Some people made lunch with their families, which tasted very good. People also went on hikes through the coffee fields and other areas throughout the town. After the outdoor activities a few groups went inside and watched the World Cup but a few played a hint of Video Games. The families were nice and here are some more details on this experience. A few families went on hikes with their dogs on the mountains surrounding Santa Maria de Dota. Some also went to San Marcos to feed the Indigenous Natives some delicious Pinto.  Multiple families went to the town's soccer field and played small- fun games. Also, on Sunday it is typical for families to visit relatives in town. One of the host mothers wanted to braid our hair, and some of us drew pictures with the kids.

Happy Father's day from Costa Rica


Personal messages home

Hey Mom, Dad, and Ate,
       Hey guys and Happy Father's Day Ty! Im so sorry I cant be there to celebrate but I want you to know that I am wishing you the best and that I love you and Ate and Mom with all my heart. This is just me writing to you to tell you I am doing great and I have been having the best time here with all my friends and the chaperones. I am having the time of my life right now but I still can't wait to see you guys again. I bought you guys some interesting gifts I hope you enjoy them. Tell grandma and grandpa thank you soo much because without them I could never have experienced this.

With all my Love,
Giancarlo Castillo

Hi family!
       Happy Father's Day daddy! I really want to see you so I can say that in person. The trip in Costa Rica has been going really well and I took a lot of pictures. My favorite activity that has been repelling down a waterfall. I was really excited about going down but I was nervous until my feet touched the bottom of the waterfall. I hope you guys are also having fun without me and I can share all my adventures and obscurities when I come home. I love you!
-Nicole Kloss


The YouTube video for TT is "Last week tonight FIFA edition" on YouTube 

Love you dad happy Father's Day!

Hi Aron, Mom and especially DAAAADDD!!!! Happy Father's Day!! I hope family day is fun!

Hi Mum and Dad,
Happy Father's Day and here is my bird list: American swallow tailed kite, social flycatcher, rufou napped wren and RESPLENDENT QUETZAL!

Hi parents,
If your child did not write a personal message don't be alarmed. This was a voluntary activity. Everyone is well, happy, safe and having fun! See you all soon.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day 5 in Costa Rica

Today was our first day of an American breakfast. Filled with cereal and eggs, everyone enjoyed their breakfast. Our first trip of the day was to a coffee plant. In Costa Rica, coffee is the main industry.  We were able to tour how coffee was made, and afterwards, we had a little treat.  Everyone who did not have coffee before had it for the first time.  We all had a great experience at the coffee plant.  The next event that came afterwards was lunch at Rafa's house.  We ate tacos as we watched the World Cup.  We also learned how to make the tacos.  The match in the World Cup was Costa Rica and Uruguay.  Most of us rooted for Costa Rica while only two of us rooted for Uruguay.  The tacos were amazing and many of us loved it.  After lunch, we played a card game, which was President, while we watched the  game.  Since most of us rooted for Costa Rica, we cheered when Costa Rica scored a goal.  We were so happy when Costa Rica won 3-1.  Also, some of us bought some souvenirs for our parents or siblings.  After the game finished, we thanked Rafa's wife and others before we left his house. After a fantastic lunch, we all walked to a park to play some fun games. First the group decided to play tug of war. Jared and Giancarlo were team captain and Giancarlo's team won!!! Then we all thought the best idea would also to do a girl versus boys tug of war. It was the boys and the girls (plus Giancarlo)  and the girls won twice! We all had a great time and had some greats laughs. After that, Javier decided that we should do a challenge/game. After the game was done, we realized that communication and listening skills were needed. We ended up having a good discussion that everyone found intriguing. After our discussion, we all went back to the cabins for some down time and a delicious dinner.tomorrow is Sunday so some of us are attending church and then most of the day with our home stay family.

The biggest cultural activity! Watching the world cup Soccer

Back in the Woods and Coffee